How Lane’s Integration with Epic Delivers Greater Efficiency in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, communication efficiency is essential to successfully delivering care. Electronic health record (EHR) systems, like Epic, have revolutionized how healthcare providers transmit essential clinical data to support seamless care continuity. 

Integrating with other technologies, like secure fax messaging solutions, has further increased communication efficiency. More specifically, Lane’s integration with Epic’s EHR system provides unparalleled service to healthcare providers, enabling secure, streamlined communication in healthcare settings.

What is Epic Software & How Does it Integrate with Lane?

Epic Software is an EHR system designed for healthcare organizations. Their software contains a range of functionalities that streamlines patient care, such as scheduling, registration, and clinical systems for physicians, nurses, and other staff. It supports billing capabilities for insurers in addition to other mission-critical healthcare systems for lab techs, radiologists, and pharmacists. Moreover, Epic Systems allows users to securely exchange health records with other providers, hospitals, or EHRs.

Epic and Lane’s messaging solution leverages the Passport Fax modules and client-release versions through Epic Print Services. The integration provides a seamless solution for healthcare providers to communicate through fax messaging. Lane’s Passport application works seamlessly with Epic Beaker or any Epic module, so organizations migrating to the platform experience a seamless transition to a new system.

Lane’s Fax Messaging Now Available in Epic’s Connection Hub

Lane’s integration with Epic is an excellent addition to Epic’s new Connection Hub. This centralized platform allows Epic users to integrate with third-party applications for efficient clinical data communication. Healthcare providers can securely exchange information with each other and other EHRs using our fax messaging integration.

Because Epic’s integration uses Lane’s messaging solution, Passport, compatibility exists across various platforms. Lane’s Passport product is compatible with several Epic Application Module Functionalities, such as EpicCare Ambulatory, EpicCare Inpatient, and many others.

The Benefits of the Epic & Lane Integration

One of the key benefits of the integration between Epic and Lane is that it eliminates the cost burden of having to deconstruct an existing solution and re-implement a new one. This is because those with Epic do not need to reconfigure their existing infrastructure to integrate Lane’s fax messaging system.

Overall, Epic and Lane’s fax messaging solution enables healthcare providers to communicate seamlessly, enhancing operational efficiency and patient care with features such as trackability with audit logs. And now that secure fax messaging is available in the connection hub; healthcare professionals can seamlessly optimize their clinical data communications while benefitting from a highly secure and cost-effective solution.

Lane & Epic: A Powerful Combination for the Healthcare Industry

Security and efficiency are paramount to successful patient care. As such, integrating technologies like secure fax messaging solutions with EHR systems like Epic can improve communication and patient outcomes. 

Lane’s integration with Epic is a cost-effective and secure solution that seamlessly heeds the needs of healthcare providers. We are proud to partner with Epic and look forward to supporting more healthcare organizations in their journey to deliver the best care possible.

You can find our app on the Downloads page (accessible to EPIC customers only) and search for the Lane app using our client ID (see below).

Non-Production Client ID: 340f2ee2-f71d-4722-83f0-1483a20fdf94

Production Client ID: 9c60d455-a624-4149-a874-8bd07014e84f

Contact Lane today to learn more about our integration with Epic and how it can help your healthcare organization.


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