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Our product suite is built around our core messaging platform, Passport. Backed by experts and constantly evolving to keep up with the latest technology, Lane’s products allow you to focus on what matters most – your business.

The Advantages of Secure Faxing with Lane

Lane’s products present many advantages as an enterprise fax solution. Our products encompass different types of faxing including digital faxing, analog faxing, and T1/E1 faxing. Here are just a few of the advantages of cloud faxing with Lane.

Auditing Capabilities


Passport is one of the most powerful messaging solutions on the market and has been delivering quality faxing services for over four decades. 

As a faxing communication software, Passport provides a centralized networking solution for sending and receiving messages of all kinds and can be configured to suit specific environments.

Various organizations such as hospitals and labs, medical-related companies, financial institutions, and other commercial businesses can retain the benefits from the most secure form of enterprise messaging. 

Passport’s capabilities span from scalability, seamless integration with applications, and can replace your entire enterprise wide system.

Fax 2.0

Lane’s Fax 2.0 is what happens when you combine the power of etherFAX’s cloud-based faxing with Lane’s robust messaging platform. By joining forces, Lane and etherFAX are able to provide an enterprise fax solution to any industry and never compromise on stability. 

The Fax 2.0 system leverages military-grade encryption and hybrid cloud technology to ensure the security of all data communications. 

By eliminating the need for phone infrastructure and fax machines, Lane’s technology can evolve in tandem with your business needs.


Introducing Passfax, Lane’s unparalleled online fax solution for individuals and businesses.

Offering the flexibility you need to fax your way, Passfax enables secure fax communication online or by email, powered by Passport and etherFAX.

This powerful solution enables users to securely send faxes and other attachments in minutes, and by porting your existing fax number to our service, you can keep your current numbers.

With low-cost plans starting at just $9.99 per month, users can get enterprise-level faxing at an affordable price. Let Lane help simplify your faxing needs so you can stay focused on what’s important to you. 

etherFAX Remote Integration Service (ERIS)

Lane is a proud reseller of ERIS. Completely scalable with simplified configuration, ERIS eliminates the need for outdated and expensive on-site fax servers that are difficult to maintain, set-up, configure, and operate. 

A complete replacement for your current EIM, ERIS securely delivers transactions both to and from the etherFAX network. 

ERIS’ powerful capabilities include inbound routing and processing, email/SMTP support, an extensible “job processor” framework, and zero need for configuration. ERIS supports many applications, including Epic, NextGen, RightFax/FCL, etherFAX/XML, GFI/FaxMaker, and Fujitsu Scanners. 

A lightweight containerized application, ERIS can replace many local fax functions so that your data communications can experience greater efficiency on all fronts.

Custom Solutions to Meet Your Online Faxing Needs


Lane takes the time to understand your business infrastructure and provide a custom solution designed with your business needs in mind. We have yet to come across a customization challenge that we haven’t been able to solve. 

A majority of Lane customers have taken advantage of our comprehensive customization solutions for a number of reasons. Whether your business needs a new product to accommodate rapid growth or you’re looking to extend your current system’s functionalities, our customization process is straightforward and aims to evolve alongside your ever changing business landscape.

First, one of our dedicated solution engineers will work with you to formulate a plan in accordance with your business needs. Then, our team will proceed to map out the architecture of your solution. From there, we configure Lane’s technology accordingly to allow for greater functionality and ensure that your business will continue to benefit long after the initial implementation is over.








Industries that Use Secure Faxing with Lane


Implementation & Support with Lane

Lane’s hands-on support team has over four decades of expertise and knowledge in enterprise faxing. Our process for creating and implementing a custom solution for your business is straightforward and aims to meet the individual needs of our customers.

In ensuring successful implementation of Lane’s products, we provide technology maintenance, training, and consultancy support. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to assist 24/7/365, providing value and trust as an extension of your team.

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As a global leader in messaging and fax solutions across a wide range of industries, Lane aims to exceed your expectations in online faxing.

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Altera Digital Health (formerly known as Allscripts) has a proven track record of developing cutting-edge technology for healthcare systems. Lane’s Passport product is leveraged as a solution for hospitals within Altera’s ecosystem to provide faxing of lab results. With this partnership, hospitals benefit from the latest in healthcare technology, delivered by a team with years of experience in providing innovative solutions.

Lane has been an authorized partner with Clinisys (previously Sunquest) for decades. Since 1979, Clinisys has been providing diagnostic informatic solutions to laboratories and healthcare organizations. They develop, design and support a comprehensive clinical information suite for over 1200 hospitals. Clinisys is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of diagnostic care for pathology laboratories worldwide.