Epic and Lane’s Messaging Solution: Common Misconceptions, Workarounds, and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Epic is one of the world’s largest healthcare information technology providers, used by hospitals and health systems all over the globe. If your hospital or health system is among those utilizing Epic, you will be pleased to learn that Lane has developed and is currently expanding solutions to ensure the seamless integration of Passport’s technology within Epic. In this blog post, we will dispel some of the common misconceptions regarding the implementation process, explain workflow-specific caveats, and provide a cost-benefit analysis of implementing the Epic solutions with Lane’s technology.

Dispelling the Passport-Epic Implementation Myth

Epic implementation services require Epic staff to review and assess its target platform strategy when it comes to implementing an electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) solution. In addition, those who implement Epic may also guide, advise, and review the healthcare facility\’s current state of their architecture. Although, when it comes to fax server infrastructure one of the most common misconceptions we hear is that the integration of Lane\’s faxing solutions, like Passport, with Epic is not a viable solution.

On the contrary, Passport\’s Enterprise Faxing Software solution does in fact integrate with Epic, and even has compatibility across a multitude of platforms. As a matter of fact, Lane\’s Passport product works with Epic Client Versions including several Epic Application Module Functionalities such as EpicCare Ambulatory, EpicCare Inpatient, and many others.

Explaining Epic Workflow-Specific Caveats

When it comes to the workflow-specific caveats of Epic and Lane\’s messaging solution Passport, inaccurate perceptions regarding Passports compatibility with this module have clouded the potential for an ideal integration. To shed light on this, Lane\’s team of experts have developed solutions that enable navigation of department specific configuration or batched fax result delivery. This means that with the right implementation and technical expertise on your side, you can avoid any workflow disruptions while benefiting from a seamless workaround solution.

Regarding the Real-time Fax Job Status, Lane\’s team is in the process of developing a solution that will effectively expand on this integral functionality. Currently certain Hyperspace activities will present a column or display value of a job status to indicate the success or failure of a particular \”job.\” Lane is always working to expand and improve on its product offerings, which is why we are constantly developing solutions to address the pertinent needs of our customers.

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Implementation of Epic

In selecting, acquiring, and implementing Epic, it is beneficial to examine the costs and benefits associated. Perhaps most importantly, however, there is a tremendous cost burden associated with deconstructing an existing solution and applying a new one to be \”compatible.\” Not only is this a costly business decision, but it also reflects inaccurate perceptions on how solutions must be executed. Ultimately, the business opportunity realized is entirely diminished by the engineering lift and net-realized gains.

On the other hand, by modifying the operation database environment of a customer\’s Epic install and customizing the Passport configuration, Lane developed a solution that leverages existing and new Passport Fax Solutions for all the aforementioned modules and client release versions. As a result, customers who have already made the investment in Epic can now also invest in Lane\’s messaging solution without having to reconfigure their existing infrastructure- saving both time and money.

Epic & Passport Solutions with Lane

Epic is a popular healthcare software provider, and Lane\’s Passport solution continues to enable their software to work with enterprise fax messaging. Our team has years of experience developing solutions that make it possible for businesses to use the software they need without sacrificing the performance of their fax system. If you\’re looking for a world class enterprise messaging solution or want to learn more about how Lane can help your business utilize Epic, get in touch with us today.

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