Securing Sensitive Documents: Why Faxing is Better Than Email

With digital data breaches resulting in losses of over $4.89 million in 2022, businesses must understand the implications of their document delivery solution regarding sensitive information. The debate between fax and email is an important conversation for any business seeking secure document transmission. This blog post will discuss the implications of using email instead of fax for document transmission and why faxing is your best option for secure document delivery.

The Risks Associated with Email Communication 

When it comes to sending sensitive documents, there is a high risk associated with using email as your primary method of communication. This is because business email accounts can be hacked or intercepted, and confidential information can be stolen and corrupted. Moreover, emails can contain malicious attachments, such as spyware or viruses, that could be used to infect a recipient’s computer.

Email “phishing” scams are also on the rise. Phishing scams refer to nefarious actors duping email recipients into providing passwords and other sensitive information. It’s pretty concerning just how common email phishing scams have become. Just last year, over 300,000 phishing email scams were reported in the US alone.

Fax vs Email: Why Faxing Prevails as the Most Secure Communication Method

Faxing boasts a more secure way of transmitting information than email, making it a viable option for business enterprises, the legal sector, and other industries requiring secure communication. Here are just a few of the benefits realized when using secure fax technology:

Security for Legal Documents 

Security is paramount when communication involves legal document exchange. Emails are vulnerable to various malicious activities, including fraud, hacking, and manipulation. In contrast, network faxes are legally binding documents and are thus admissible in court. Faxing also enjoys broad acceptance in business transactions and legal communications, where faxed signatures are considered legally valid.

Greater Compliance

Medical and Financial institutions face more security regulations than other institutions and are susceptible to considerable fines from governing bodies if security protocols like HIPAA and GDPR are not strictly followed. However, fax server software can track where, when, and to whom the information has been sent, providing regulatory bodies with evidence that a business is following regulations.

Higher Level of Encryption

Fax transmissions are considered the most secure communication method due to their high level of encryption. Unlike email, faxes ensure point-to-point transmission, significantly reducing the possibility of hacking. Encrypted email services only encrypt the message, leaving the subject and recipient’s email address vulnerable to exposure. Even stored emails are typically not encrypted. Additionally, compatible encryption software and decryption keys are required for email encryption, making the process needlessly complicated and time-consuming.

Industries That Rely on Secure Faxing for Daily Operations

Despite the prevalence of electronic communication like email, many industries will always consider faxing the gold standard for secure document sharing. The security of faxing lies in its ability to transmit information directly and securely, ensuring confidentiality and privacy are maintained throughout the process.

Industries such as healthcare and finance heavily rely on secure faxing for their daily operations due to the sensitive nature of their data. Patient medical records, laboratory results, and financial data are just a few documents that must be kept confidential and secure. Many governing bodies also mandate faxing as the only acceptable means of transmitting legally binding documents. As such, faxing remains the best option for organizations to ensure sensitive documents are never compromised.

Lane: A Steadfast Partner in Secure Faxing Solutions

Personal and sensitive information security remains a top priority in business, healthcare, and legal environments. Email communication is vulnerable to interception, making it an unsafe medium for transmitting confidential information in many contexts. 

Lane offers secure and reliable faxing solutions that ensure businesses can safely and securely transmit sensitive data and information. Our faxing services have been designed to meet your business communication needs while boasting an unparalleled track record in fax support for our customers.

Contact Lane today to take advantage of some of the most reliable and secure communication solutions on the market.

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