Faxing: the Most Secure Choice for Document Sharing

Document sharing is a widely used method of communication in the enterprise realm, but it can also present security risks. For this reason, companies need to be able to trust that the data they send can be accessed only by the intended recipients, and this is where fax still reigns supreme.

While many companies turn to modern online document-sharing platforms, faxing provides an undeniably secure method of document sharing that remains unmatched in this digital age. This blog will discuss Lane’s fax solution and why it is still the preferred choice for securely sharing sensitive business data.

The Need for Secure Document Sharing Spans Various Industries 

The rise of business technology has paved the way for online document sharing, but with it comes risk. For this reason, organizations need to share data securely to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the information.

In specific industries, this becomes paramount when exchanging sensitive documents such as healthcare information, financial or commercial data. To exemplify, the following sectors must maintain strict compliance and security standards when it comes to document sharing:

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals share documents to communicate patients’ medical records and lab results with physicians. This information exchange is subject to stringent compliance regulations to protect patients’ sensitive medical data.

Financial Institutions

In banking and finance, document sharing is used to communicate financial information with institutions and individuals, including trades and investments, which require the highest level of security.

Commercial Organizations

Commercial organizations use document sharing for logistics, advertising, order processing, document exchange, and billing information, making secure communication crucial.

How Do Document Sharing Platforms Hold Up Against Fax?

Document sharing is undoubtedly a critical component of core business operations. That’s why investing in added security and encryption measures is worthwhile to ensure data remains secure in transit. Often, business enterprises may opt for the following security protocols:

  • Removable storage media
  • Secure file transfer program (SFTP) 
  • Online file-sharing services (Dropbox, Google Cloud)
  • Encrypted Email 
  • Adopt an Integrated File-Sharing Software
  • Robust & Easy File-Sharing System
  • Use a Password Manager & Enable 2FA

Despite businesses utilizing various security measures, fax is inherently more secure than any online document-sharing platform. This is because sensitive data is transmitted via phone lines as opposed to over the internet, and phone lines are far more difficult to intercept data from. In contrast, the nature of the internet makes data exchange far more vulnerable to security breaches and malicious hackers. This is why Fax 2.0 guarantees security and data protection, since our services operate in a HIPAA and SOC 2® compliant environment that is both HITRUST CSF® and PCI DSS certified.

How Does Secure Document Sharing with Fax Work?

With the ability to share documents online, security and compliance remain at the forefront of concerns. Fortunately, with Lane’s Fax 2.0 solution, companies can utilize their existing Voice Over IP network to share documents securely over the internet, enabling them to benefit from added safeguards to their information.

Fax 2.0’s data-sharing process is straightforward, leaving little room for error. Moreover, fax communication with Lane is also traceable and auditable, allowing companies to track their confidential information in transit and ensure compliance across the board. Here’s how secure document sharing works with Fax 2.0:

  1. The sender will attach a document to an email, which is then sent like a Fax. It can be a scanned or digitally created document in different formats.
  2. The sender sends the message to the recipient’s fax number, followed by the name of the fax service. E.g. FAX#15552224452@Domain.com 
  3. The application processes the attachment to send and receive it like a fax to the recipient.
  4. The service sends the information across the IP network or telephone lines. 
  5. The recipient’s fax machine receives and decodes the information.

Fax Is Still the Tried & True Method for Secure Document Sharing

Secure document sharing is essential to businesses of any size in various industries. Regarding security, however, fax still takes the cake as a safe and reliable option. And thanks to advances in technology, businesses can now benefit from modern fax solutions that are faster, easier to use, and more secure than ever.

With Lane’s Fax 2.0 solution, companies can securely share documents with the highest level of encryption available over an existing VoIP network. Contact our team today to learn more about our secure fax solutions.

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