Lane Attends etherFAX’s Annual Partner Summit

Lane, a dedicated partner of etherFAX’s, recently attended the annual etherFAX Partner Summit held from 10th – 12th October 2021 at the Lake Nona Wave Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The summit aimed to bring together industry leaders to discuss the latest technological advancements in fax and cloud-based solutions. The event allowed Lane to learn about the ever-evolving fax industry and etherFAX’s growing partner program developments. Lane also networked with other professionals in the industry to share knowledge and insights.

About etherFAX Partner Summit

The etherFAX Partner Summit provided a platform for the company to share its roadmap, unveiling updates to solutions and integrations and discussing industry-related topics. The summit focused on automation, security, and collaboration, enabling etherFAX partners to gain valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements in cloud-based solutions. 

Keynote Speakers & Presentations

The event presented inspirational speakers such as Jamie Hess, who emphasizes the link between a healthy lifestyle and success, known as Radical Wellness. Moreover, founder and CTO of etherfax, Rob Cichielo, gave the “State of the Union” speech, where he delved into where etherFAX is headed. He referenced Alan Turing and the movie “The Imitation Game” to explain how etherFAX solves complex issues in the fax industry. He went on to discuss the company’s FedRAMP Q1 2024 certification that will be located in AWS GovCloud.

etherFAX Partner Program Discussion

Ken Romo and Ben Manning led the discussion on growing the etherFAX Partner Program. The program focuses on providing a new portal to use that helps with qualified leads, guided onboarding, on-demand marketing materials, collaborative sales, lead generation, and more. They emphasized that Hospitals, Drug Stores, Insurance, and PCPs receive a high volume of faxes. 

Lane also learned that new Reseller agreements will need to be signed, and all etherFAX customers will need to sign an EULA, and the reseller dashboard has tools, case studies, and one-pagers that can be co-labeled with logos. Finally, they discussed how etherFAX also offers new reports that assist with data to help with data analysis.

Key Takeaways from the Partner Summit

Lane gained valuable insights from etherFAX about the fax industry developments discussed at the summit, such as:


etherfax’s use of NBC networking equipment, which connects to 12 different carriers – all TDM – clearly demonstrates their commitment to remaining ahead of the technological curve.

Hyland Onbase, an EPIC data repository to store all patient data, will no longer be doing perpetual licenses. Instead, it will shift towards a SaaS AWS cloud-based model for the next 3-5 years. Additionally, Lane is being encouraged to become HiTrust certified to meet the standard.

etherfax also identified data intake as a significant pain point for most hospitals, and they have developed solutions like WEAVE, which offers data extraction, OCR, and searchable PDF automation. Meanwhile, the new product “WEAVE Insight,” which is set for release on December 30, 2023, will summarize inbound faxes to a subject line while also being delivered by email.

Next, etherfax has integrated with OpenEMR, an open-source EMR fully integrated in/out with etherFAX, and is available for free. The company is also prepared for the future of data portability, with FHIR integration set up for document exchange.

Finally, etherfax believes that traditional fax will disappear in the next 3-5 years, and FHIR is the future wave regarding data portability. With the advancements in technology and etherfax’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve, it was an inspiring event for Lane, and we look forward to the upcoming innovations from this partner.

Lane: Partnering with Industry Leading Fax Network Providers

etherFAX’s annual Partner Summit provided an excellent opportunity for Lane to learn about the latest technological advancements in cloud-based solutions and the fax industry while strengthening our existing faxing partnership with etherFAX. 

The summit allowed Lane to network with other professionals in the industry and hear from inspirational speakers. Lane gained insights about etherFAX’s partner program, including lead generation, guided onboarding, and on-demand marketing materials. Lane is excited about the direction etherFAX is heading and the potential benefits and innovation they can bring to customers.

Contact Lane today to learn more about our steadfast partnership with etherFAX and how our fax technology can elevate business communications. 

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