Partner Spotlight: The Unique Benefits Lane & etherFAX Bring To Business Enterprises

Lane is dedicated to providing the best fax technology solutions on the market, and our partnership with etherFAX is vital to achieving this. With more than five years of collaboration between the two companies, our fax partnership with etherFAX has improved our product development and offerings to exceptionally serve enterprise businesses. Read on to learn more about the substantial benefits that Lane & etherFAX bring to the table.

etherFAX: A Leader in Secure Document Exchange 

etherFAX has been a leading provider of secure document exchange services since 2009. etherFAX’s service operates in a highly compliant environment, offering unparalleled security in document exchange. etherFAX’s infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions facilitate the exchange of both structured and unstructured documents with ease, with their patented hybrid-cloud software eliminating the need for expensive on-premise equipment.  

etherFAX’s technology enables Lane to fax important documents with ease, including using their etherFAX Remote Integration Services (ERIS), which Lane is proud to be ERIS certified. With this partnership, Lane can provide their clients with a secure and reliable method for document exchange, ensuring their confidentiality and compliance needs are met.

Lane’s Comprehensive Faxing Technology Integrates with ERIS 

Through this partnership, Lane’s comprehensive fax technology continues to integrate with ERIS to ensure secure data communications to and from the etherFAX network. This cutting-edge development tool enables scalability, flexible notifications, and simplified configuration, making it a viable replacement for a complete Enterprise Information Management (EIM) system. 

Lane’s integration with etherFAX can replace many local server functions for various business applications, ensuring businesses can reap the benefits of a streamlined and efficient communication system. As a result, companies can enjoy expanded functionality within their current systems, lowered costs, and easy setup and implementation. 

Lane & etherFAX: A Steadfast Partnership Built on Quality Solutions 

Lane’s secure and reliable document delivery services in enterprise environments are backed by etherFAX’s Secure Exchange Network (SENx), which provides end-to-end encryption technology for secure document transfer. In delivering this technology to their customer base, Lane and etherFAX have formed a robust and reliable partnership in the enterprise faxing industry. With consistent communication between their business sales development representatives, their relationship has grown tremendously.

However, Lane and etherFAX’s mutually beneficial partnership has extended beyond just providing solutions to customers. Together, they have attended conferences, created marketing collateral, and offered educational webinars to further enterprise knowledge of their products.

The partnership between Lane and etherFAX is built on quality solutions, exemplifying their commitment to providing top-of-the-line services to business enterprise customers.

Interested in Becoming One of Lane’s Valued Fax Partners?

As etherFAX can attest, partnering with Lane offers endless opportunities for your business to increase productivity and streamline communication. Our comprehensive fax technology, backed by world-class support, will help your business enterprise stay ahead of the curve.

At Lane, we pride ourselves on offering unrivaled expertise and being easy to work with. Our strong business model includes reseller opportunities and customized pricing, ensuring you get the most out of Lane’s products and services.

Contact our team at Lane today to learn more about how a partnership with Lane can help your business thrive.

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