Lane Attended the Mayo Clinic’s Dimensions of Outreach Conference this Past Month

Lane, a leading provider of healthcare communication solutions, recently attended the Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ Outreach Conference 2023, held in Chicago. This annual conference brings together labs, hospitals, and healthcare organizations to share industry expertise and innovative views in health laboratory outreach programs. Lane was an exhibitor at the event, showcasing its advanced faxing solution that serves the laboratory sector. In this blog, we will provide an overview of the Dimensions of Outreach conference and share Lane’s key takeaways from the show.

About Dimensions of Outreach

The Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ Outreach Conference 2023, themed “Leveraging the Laboratory: Dimensions of Outreach,” provided attendees with insights into all aspects of health laboratory outreach programs. The conference featured industry expertise from health system executives and hands-on managers, offering attendees a unique opportunity to learn how to extend their laboratory or laboratory technology’s reach into the community. 

The focus was creating internal and external relationships and executing competitive strategies to maximize program outreach success. With hosted activities following the conference, such as cocktails and receptions, the conference provided a great networking opportunity for attendees to connect with prospects and partners. 

Key Takeaways from the Show

Working with the Mayo Clinic team was fantastic, from sign-up to the conference itself. They were accommodating, proactive, and caring. At the conference, we met with potential customers and partners and discussed the latest trends and best practices in healthcare communication. Here some of our key takeaways from conference: 

Opportunities in Fax

While at the conference, we spoke with several laboratory professionals who are still manually printing and hand faxing as their current EHR-integration solutions are ineffective. For many labs, faxing is still a significant challenge; most do not know how it works or who the fax vendor is. Lane’s integrations with Epic, Clinisys, Atlas, Hyland, and others effectively streamline communication between labs and healthcare providers.

Break Out Sessions

The conference included several breakout sessions covering pricing of services, communication, marketing, and call centers, which provided valuable insights into healthcare communication. The sessions were informative, and presenters highlighted the importance of optimizing communication channels and processes to improve laboratory outcomes.

Partnership Opportunities

As a differentiated partner in fax, Lane emphasizes building partnerships when helping healthcare organizations to improve communication. At this conference, we were fortunate enough to connect with those we do business with and refer people to one another. We were thrilled to see Xifin and Clinisys, our current partners there, which made excellent talking points to prospects. 

Meeting with Key Prospect

Lane met with a healthcare organization currently migrating to Epic EHR. The organization highlighted that faxing was a significant pain point and stressed the importance of having a reliable communication solution. 

Lane: Pushing the Boundaries of Fax One Industry at a Time

Lane is constantly elevating our knowledge of the healthcare communication realm, and our attendance at the Mayo Clinic’s 2023 conference takes us one step closer to achieving that goal. Attending the Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ Outreach Conference 2023 was an excellent opportunity for Lane to showcase its faxing solution and learn about the latest trends and challenges in healthcare communication. Our integrations with leading EHR systems and partnerships with healthcare solution providers make us the ideal choice for labs, hospitals, and healthcare organizations looking to streamline communication and improve patient outcomes. 

Contact us to learn more about our faxing solution and how it can benefit your healthcare organization.

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