Enterprise Status Manager: Fax Tracking Benefits & Use Cases

Fax tracking is an essential aspect of managing any enterprise fax application. It allows businesses to keep track of important documents, ensuring they are delivered to the correct recipients and handled efficiently. However, keeping track of faxes can be challenging for organizations with a high volume of fax transmissions. With Lane’s Enterprise Status Manager feature, fax transmissions are seamlessly tracked and managed, providing businesses with a comprehensive solution for their fax-tracking needs.

How Fax Tracking Works with Enterprise Status Manager 

Enterprise Status Manager is an additional component of the Passport4000 fax server application that enables you to monitor your server and applications for specific failures. Utilizing this solution can help you identify potential issues and notify you via email, allowing you to rectify the situation quickly. 

Examples of How Enterprise Status Manager Can Benefit Your Business

Immediate Notification of Server Connection Loss

In case of a server connection loss during fax transmission, Enterprise Status Manager can quickly notify you, allowing you to take corrective action immediately.

Large Volume of Pending Calls Alert

If there are large queues of pending calls, it could indicate a problem with your fax server or application. Enterprise Status Manager can alert you to this issue so that you can address the problem before it affects your business.

Alert for Failed Ports Prevention

Enterprise Status Manager can alert you to failed ports, preventing faxes from being transmitted and allowing you to diagnose and fix the issue.

Notification for Attached Documents Conversion Failure

Enterprise Status Manager can also notify you of attached documents that aren’t converting, which may result in a backlog of faxes not being transmitted.

Why Lane Users Should Leverage Fax Tracking & Monitoring 

Lane’s enterprise fax solution is designed to simplify business communications by alerting you of system failures and reducing your workload should your fax server or application fail. In some cases where no one has been monitoring the server or application, we’ve seen instances where 2 to 3 weeks of failed faxes must be re-sent from the originating system, depending on how long the faxes have been in the system. 

As such, we recommend that new and current customers use Enterprise Status Manager to be notified when application or server failures occur and prevent faxes from being transmitted. This helps ensure that business operations remain uninterrupted and avoid any potential loss of essential documents. 

Examples of Businesses Employing Enterprise Status Manager  

The Lane team has helped numerous customers use our fax tracking solution to proactively monitor their fax server and Passport application. These customers include Cellentix, St. Lukes, and TriCore, who all utilize Enterprise Status Manager to stay on top of potential failures and ensure that faxes are sent and received successfully. This level of foresight has proven invaluable for these companies, saving them time and resources while improving their overall communication efficiency.

Contact Lane to Learn More About Enterprise Status Manager 

Employing Lane’s Enterprise Status Manager for your fax tracking and monitoring needs is an investment that delivers far-reaching returns. It not only enhances the efficiency of your fax operations but also safeguards your valuable documents from potential transmission failures.

Contact Lane to schedule a demo or learn more about our fax tracking solution, the Enterprise Status Manager.

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