Lane Sponsors Miss Arkansas Universal Miss Teen 2022

Lane is sponsoring Hannah Rudnick, the winner of Miss Arkansas Universal Miss Teen 2022. March 22, 2022, Hannah was crowned the winner in Jonesboro Arkansas, where she now advances to Universal Miss Nationals. This round of competition takes place in Orlando, Florida July 17 – 22.

Hannah, the daughter of account executive at Lane, Dave Rudnick, is 15 years old and committed to helping kids with disabilities and making a difference in her community.“ I am passionate about helping disabled individuals grow their confidence and strive to push societal imposed boundaries,” says H. Rudnick. Hannah’s passion for helping those with disabilities stems from her own experience of having bilateral moderate hearing loss for which she uses hearing aids. Hannah’s community service platform, “Represent Able in Disable” aims to push past societal imposed boundaries for disabled individuals and help them to grow their confidence.

The Universal Miss Teen pageant celebrates the differences and unique qualities of its contestants and is an inclusive pageant that is open to girls of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Universal Miss Teen focuses on judging girls for who they are, as opposed to what they look like. This emphasis on self love and empowerment encourages girls to be the best versions of themselves, which is why Hannah is such a great fit for this competition. By celebrating the unique qualities and skills of individuals, the pageant helps to build confidence and self esteem for its contestants and those who are watching. Hannah joined Universal Miss because she believes in their mission and hopes she can help others prove that they can achieve their goals and follow their dreams. This platform allows Hannah to have a chance to make a difference not only in Arkansas, but globally.

Lane is proud to sponsor such an important initiative on behalf of such a bright and talented young woman. Hannah’s vision for a society that celebrates breaking the mold for those who are less abled directly aligns with Lane’s mission. As a company that focuses on individuality and transcending limitations, Lane aims to create lasting impact on communications across the globe. Stay tuned to see Lane sponsor Hannah at the Gold Level, see our name on her pageant jacket and other promotional items for Miss Universal Miss Teen. Our team is excited for Hannah’s journey and wishes her and other Universal contestants the best.

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