Lane Experience at the Dublin Tech Summit: Insights, Networking & More

From the buzzing streets of Dublin to the top-tier technological developments made by European tech companies, the Lane Team had an extraordinary experience at this year’s Dublin Tech Summit. As a provider of enterprise faxing solutions, we had an opportunity to discuss our offerings with company representatives from various European tech companies and learn the latest insights on the rapidly changing tech landscape. This post will discuss our experience and insights from attending this event.

Why Lane Attended Dublin Tech Summit & Our 3 Key Takeaways

Attending the Dublin Tech Summit was a no-brainer for us as a team that is constantly updated with the latest technological advancements. The event offered unparalleled access to some of the most prominent players in the international tech industry and the opportunity to get a sense of where technology is headed both in Europe and globally. Our attendance allowed us to connect with leaders in the tech space, learn about the latest advancements, and share our insights.

  1. One of Lane’s biggest takeaways from the event was the increasing prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) in virtually every aspect of the tech world. AI is taking over finance, healthcare, and even customer service applications. 
  2. We also noticed a strong presence from big banks at the summit, indicating that these institutions are now being represented in the tech field.
  3. Finally, we found that the post-conference events were the best place for networking and making valuable connections. Networking with industry leaders and innovators in a more relaxed setting allowed us to forge new relationships and speak candidly about the challenges and opportunities facing the tech world.

Our Favorite Keynote Sessions at the Dublin Tech Summit

We were fortunate enough to listen to a lineup of highly accomplished tech industry professionals who shared their successful journeys, innovative ideas, and insightful perspectives on the industry’s current state. They discussed the successes and pitfalls of their tech journey, developing new ideas, and the present landscape in the tech industry. Some of our favorites included sessions hosted by:

Adam Cheyer (Founder of Siri)

One of our favorite keynote speaker sessions at the Dublin Tech Summit was given by Adam Cheyer, co-founder of Siri. Adam shared his experience of successfully developing new technology and joining a well-established company like Apple. He also spoke about the challenges startups face and how to overcome them. 

Claudia Gard & Rebecca Lee (gofriendly & ClearStory International)

We thoroughly enjoyed Claudia Gard and Rebecca Lee’s discussion on successfully finding a company with a stranger and turning a new idea into a thriving app. Their insights into the importance of communication, trust, and complementary skill sets were invaluable for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Algorithms Against Humanity 

The Lane team was particularly struck by the discussion of Algorithms Against Humanity, as highlighted by Adam Cheyer, Angelika Sharygina, Eric Schurenberg, Michael Richards, and Sean O’Eigeartaigh. Their insights into how DPT-4, DALL_E, and other AI tech have the potential to transform social media beyond recognition have made for a genuinely thought-provoking session.

The European Tech Companies We Connected With & Fun Conference Attractions

Lane also had the opportunity to meet with various international tech companies interested in our fax services. Many discussions entailed how their businesses could benefit from our faxing solutions. Not only did attendees have access to cutting-edge technology presentations and discussions, but they could also enjoy a range of exciting, fun attractions. Entertainment ranged from classic arcade games to virtual reality experiences. Brand giants BMW and Porsche showcased their latest luxury models, adding an extra dimension of excitement to the event. It made for an exciting opportunity to experience the future of transportation while networking with new connections.

Lane: Establishing Fax’s Presence in the European Tech Scene & Beyond

Overall, the Lane team had a fantastic experience at Dublin Tech Summit 2023. Lane is proud to have been part of such an inclusive and forward-thinking tech event that places us on the global map in terms of technology. Our team agrees that it was thrilling to witness firsthand how far the tech industry has come over the years and how fax continues to elude obsoletion in the modern business world. 

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