Lane Attends the HIMSS Arkansas Chapter Virtual Meeting

As Lane always strives to expand our network and knowledge in the healthcare industry, attending the HIMMS Arkansas Chapter virtual meeting proved to be a valuable experience. HIMSS, a healthcare information and management systems society, is a mission-driven non-profit organization with a global health community that has been around for more than 60 years. With Lane’s focus on streamlining the fax communication process for healthcare providers, attending this meeting provided insight into HIMSS initiatives and how we can better serve our fax customers in healthcare.

About the HIMSS Organization

HIMSS actively collaborates with key influencers across the healthcare ecosystem, including government officials, representatives from the public and private sectors, finance experts, and educational institutions. Its membership comprises various stakeholders, including providers, executives, and administrators, representing multiple facets of the industry. HIMSS is widely recognized as a trusted partner by organizations worldwide, leveraging its expertise to drive advancements in healthcare.

Here are some notable statistics discussed at the beginning of the meeting:

  • There are over 45,000 HIMSS members worldwide.
  • There are over 120,000 HIMSS members worldwide.
  • HIMSS has over 550 corporate partners.
  • HIMSS helps affiliated healthcare organizations serve over 830,000,000 people.
  • HIMSS Arkansas Chapter currently has 288 members.

Guest Speakers in Attendance & Latest HIMSS Updates

Various guest speakers joined Lane at the HIMMS Arkansas Chapter virtual meeting. Jim Daly, the Chief Information Officer, and Neal Holt, the incoming President and IT Director, were on hand to discuss HIMSS initiatives. Furthermore, Justin Villines, the IT Policy Director and HIMSS Communications Chair, and Brian Reed, the Technology Partner, shared their perspectives on the healthcare industry.

One of the key HIMSS updates was the announcement of the 2024 global conference in Orlando. With matching capabilities, first-rate panels, and events, this conference promises to bring together healthcare professionals from around the world. The speakers also discussed its relationship with Informa, a leading publisher of academic journals, and this partnership will make the Orlando conference even more impactful.

Other HIMSS updates discussed include the upcoming European HIMSS conference, taking place in Rome, Italy, at the end of May. This conference will be an important event for the healthcare industry in Europe and worldwide.

Topics Discussed at the Chapter Meeting

One of the key topics discussed at the HIMMS Arkansas Chapter virtual meeting was the importance of digital health. HHS studies show that digital health is accessed by people challenged in Medicare, Medicaid, low-income, and time-constrained people, and moving digital health into the healthcare industry will be a top priority in the coming years. This led to the topic of video conferencing taking over as the primary means of healthcare communication, allowing for greater access to healthcare for populations.

Other topics that were touched on throughout the meeting include: 

  • Optimization and the use of data were also important topics. 
  • Cerner, a leading player in the healthcare technology space, was mentioned in the news. Insurance-based software was another focus area in the healthcare industry.
  • Breaking down barriers for nurses and providers with the implementation of EMR optimizations was a great example of how technology can improve healthcare services.

Following the initial topics discussions, the speaker panel outlined potential topics to discuss in future meetings. Such topics included electronic health information exchange, health information technology, privacy and security issues with health information, public health informatics, and healthcare quality and performance improvement.

Lane: Innovating Healthcare Information Technology Through Secure Fax Solutions

With our expertise in improving the fax process for healthcare providers, Lane is always seeking to innovate and streamline healthcare information technology. Attending the HIMMS Arkansas Chapter virtual meeting provided us the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the healthcare industry, learn about HIMSS initiatives and upcoming events, discuss current topics, and discover potential future topics for discussion. Lane recognizes the importance of staying up to date on current healthcare technology trends and is committed to continuing to revolutionize the fax process for healthcare providers. Contact our team today!

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