How Cisco Systems Call Manager Can Improve Your Enterprise Communications

Cisco Systems is a multinational technology conglomerate that provides telecommunications, security products, and networking services to businesses worldwide. Lane and Cisco have been partners for years, collaborating to provide the best fax solutions to business enterprises through products such as Cisco Call Manager. In this blog post, we will give an overview of Cisco Systems, discuss how Lane assists in sending fax-over-IP (FoIP) using this Cisco Call Manager, and outline the advantages of switching to FoIP using this innovative system.

What is Cisco Systems?

Cisco Systems, Inc. is an international technology conglomerate based in San Francisco, California. Cisco Systems designs, manufactures, and sells networking products, including switches and routers; provides software-defined networking solutions; offers cloud, security, and IoT solutions; and provides various other services including fax. It is one of the world’s most valuable and recognizable companies, ranking just behind giants such as Apple in terms of market capitalization.

Cisco Systems has become an influential force in IT around the world. Its products are used by virtually everyone, from large corporations to small businesses to individual users at home, and are increasingly becoming part of everyday life. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company has offices globally with operations in more than 170 countries.

Sending Fax over IP Over an Enterprise VOIP System 

Cisco Call Manager is the call-processing component of Cisco’s Unified Communications System that extends the features and capabilities of enterprise telephony systems. Call Manager uses Lane’s fax server application to enable users to send and receive faxes via their existing Voice over IP (VoIP) network, resulting in significant cost savings for businesses. So, what does this innovative solution look like in practice?

Organizations utilize FoIP with Cisco Call Manager by installing an IP base fax server application such as Lane Passport and proceeding to configure the Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 virtual fax card. In turn, the system sends all outbound faxing to the Cisco Call Manager, which then handles the routing of the fax call. Users are then able to send faxes from their existing Cisco VoIP network, bypassing the need for a dedicated fax line.

Use Cases & Benefits of FoIP with Cisco Call Manager

Organizations are increasingly utilizing the power of FoIP with Cisco Call Manager to facilitate their faxing needs. For example, one of Lane’s customers recently upgraded their older physical fax server using the Cisco Call Manager solution. By utilizing physical T1 fax cards to virtual IP-based fax servers with Dialogic SR140 virtual fax cards, the enterprise can send all outbound faxing to the Cisco Call Manager. This system then handles the routing of the fax call for the enterprise.

When leveraging this solution, enterprises can combine and utilize their existing IP network to send voice communication and faxing. As a result, significant cost savings are realized through the elimination of traditional telephone networks as well as increased flexibility to add more fax ports for scalability purposes.

Cisco & Lane Combine to Offer the Best Fax Solutions

Cisco’s Call Manager and Lane’s Passport provide organizations with a powerful combination of enterprise-grade products which enable them to send and receive faxes via their existing VoIP network. This solution eliminates the need for a dedicated fax line, allowing enterprises to reduce costs while improving scalability and flexibility.

Lane offers reliable, secure, and easy-to-use solutions for business needs today. Working closely with Cisco enables us to deliver cost-effective solutions to our customers. Get in touch with Lane today to learn more about using FoIP with Cisco Call Manager for your business communication needs.

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