Get to Know Dave: A Spotlight on Lane’s Sales Account Manager

Dave has worked at Lane as a Sales Account Manager for over two decades. His contributions to our partnerships with Clinisys and etherFAX have been invaluable and his knowledge of our customer base is unmatched. Get to know Dave as we discuss his previous roles and other interesting tidbits that make him a perfect fit for the Lane team.

How long have you been working with Lane?

More than 20 years.

Describe your various roles at Lane. How long were you in each role? What are some of the things you work on each week?

Initially, I started in a support position for MultiLink with T4 Systems, which Lane Telecommunications acquired in 2001. From there, I was trained on Lane’s fax solutions, specifically the Passport 3000 Message Server. Over the years my role evolved to supporting customers and new installations for all Lane solutions.  I have been in my current position as Sales Account Manager since 2020. Having transitioned from supporting customers with the evolving solutions of Lane, I believe my Sales position at Lane benefits both the company and our customers. 

On any given day, though, I still assist customers in troubleshooting support related inquiries.  This helps me remain aware of any improvements that need to be made with our faxing software while continuing our relationships with our partners and customers. To me, striving to grow our business comes second to customer satisfaction. However, building new relationships is critical to the survival of our business, so I spend a lot of my time nurturing and building our acquisition pipeline.

How do you work with our partner network, i.e., Clinisys and etherFAX?

Lane has had a dedicated partnership with Clinisys for over 20 years. Their laboratory applications interface with our products and facilitate message exchange for users. Over the years, however, our close working relationship has helped us in developing world class solutions that meet customer demand and needs.   

etherFAX is another key partner we work closely with.  As with our other vendors, we have a close working relationship with our team and theirs. Our relationship has grown and prospered which enables me to introduce their product as the best backbone of faxing. Without a doubt, etherFAX is an exemplary example of leading the way. Their knowledge and solutions to issues align with Lane’s visions and roadmap. 

What is the best memory you have of working at Lane?

First and foremost, I’d like to say that the family atmosphere at Lane is the main reason we are a “Great Place to Work.” One memory sticks out after all these years when there was one install that I had to fly to, and cattle needed to be chased off the runway. Two people were in a pickup truck racing down the runway and waving their arms so that we could land. Memories like these are the ones that you look back and laugh at! But, having worked at Lane for over 20 years, it’s hard to choose just one.

Following our acquisition by Dura Software, we were introduced to our “new” CEO, Liz Maya. She is impassioned by our success as a business and individual and genuinely cares, which is really refreshing to see. Nothing makes a “best” memory more than having someone actively steer the ship while being so involved with the company.

What are some of your interests outside your work here at Lane? 

My wife and I enjoy camping and fishing. Any day on the lakes in Arkansas makes for a relaxing time. We also have a drift race car that my son and I built. My daughter is active in volunteering in her community and pageants. In the fall months, you can find me kayaking on a river, trout fishing, or in a deer stand. 

Talk about some of the changes you’ve seen at Lane since you began working here

There have been so many changes since I started here. Previously, we would do “On-Site” installation for new deployments, they can now be completed virtually. Over the last 47 years being agile to adapt to new technologies has been vital for Lane. We have been told that faxing is no longer needed, but in reality, it has morphed into a more secure document transmission. Oh, and having a REAL Marketing Team! Seriously INCREDIBLE! The next 20 years should be exciting! 

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Altera Digital Health (formerly known as Allscripts) has a proven track record of developing cutting-edge technology for healthcare systems. Lane’s Passport product is leveraged as a solution for hospitals within Altera’s ecosystem to provide faxing of lab results. With this partnership, hospitals benefit from the latest in healthcare technology, delivered by a team with years of experience in providing innovative solutions.

Lane has been an authorized partner with Clinisys (previously Sunquest) for decades. Since 1979, Clinisys has been providing diagnostic informatic solutions to laboratories and healthcare organizations. They develop, design and support a comprehensive clinical information suite for over 1200 hospitals. Clinisys is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of diagnostic care for pathology laboratories worldwide.