6 Ways Faxing Can Reduce Cost

6 Ways Faxing Can Reduce Cost

Whenever companies purchase tools, software, or work with a partner, cost is always a driving factor. With fax servers, one of the benefits they offer organizations is cost reduction. Cost reduction is one of the most obvious benefits of implementing fax servers. These savings take many forms from hardware rationalization to infrastructure consolidation and lower call charges. In this blog, we will highlight ways your company can reduce cost with faxing.

1. Seamless Communication Through Centralization

A centralized fax server can utilize its own least cost routing rules and the organization\’s network infrastructure to make use of low or zero rate call charges while still keeping full control over fax messages. The fax server offers seamless integration of fax into an efficient communications system. Additionally, it enables intelligent and automatic delivery of information to and from users, workgroups or workflows, whether they are inside or outside your organization without user intervention.

2. Consolidation of Fax Lines

Consolidation of your fax operations into a single, robust fax server reduces the number of distributed fax lines required and improves lines that are actually in use. The savings are found by canceling expensive direct analog exchange lines for stand-alone fax machines of MFP’s and freeing up costly extensension on the in-house PBX.

3. Install a Fax Server

Most standalone fax machines are idle for the majority of the day. However, they not only use electricity, but they take up significant space in your office. By installing a fax server, you can eliminate this cost. Additionally, consumables are required for each make and model or standalone fax machine that is found in an organization where fax servers do not need consumables.

4. Follow Compliance Guidelines

Costly compliance problems are massively lowered by having a centralized audit and archive of all fax messages. Compliance for manual fax handling is greatly improved and costs will be reduced by implementing a fax workflow.

5. Implement a Tracking System

Centralizing fax traffic through a fax server over the network reduces IT management time associated with operating multiple fax implementations across the company. Tracking inbound and outbound faxes and monitoring fax configuration anywhere on the network will become a simple task with a tracking system.

6. Consolidation of Fax Functions

Like we mentioned before, consolidation is key. Many organizations may already have a mix of various fax server systems and standalone fax machines, resulting in higher maintenance fees and cost. Much lower annual maintenance costs can be achieved by consolidating all fax functions into a single, robust fax server and retiring standalone fax machines.

Let Lane Reduce Cost

At Lane, we have developed an enterprise solution that can help reduce costs in all six of these ways and more. We understand that cost savings is critical for companies and would love to talk to you about how we can partner to give you the financial peace of mind with the faxing functionality you need. Contact our team to learn more. 

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