Traditional vs. Online Faxing

Traditional vs. Online Faxing

Technology is constantly evolving, especially with methods of communication. The way we communicate and receive information needs to be timely, secure, and simple to use. With many healthcare facilities, financial institutions and commercial businesses, faxing has always been a communication method of choice. However, even faxing has evolved. Some businesses continue to utilize traditional or analog faxing while others have made the adjustment to digital faxing and many companies leverage both. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into each of these faxing types and discuss the benefits of each.

What is Traditional Faxing?

When people think about faxing, traditional faxing with a physical fax machine, paper and ink is what comes to mind most often. Traditional faxing uses a fax machine to send and receive messages via a telephone line or a receiver. You can send or receive one fax at one time. Once you send the fax, the fax machine transforms these messages into pulses, which then change into images on another fax machine.

This method has been around for decades, and many depend on it to send critical documents.  However, it can be time-consuming given the requirement of sending massive amounts of data and the need to maintain sustained communication.

Benefits of Traditional Faxing

  • Traditional faxing is incredibly difficult to hack because it is linked to a phone line.
  • This method of faxing has stood the test of time and is incredibly easy to use.
  • It is dependable and your team and customers are comfortable sending and receiving messages this way.

What is Online Faxing?

Online fax is the most modern method of faxing using the internet. It is a general replacement for traditional faxing to enable fast, reliable and secure communication. You can submit and receive the document using the internet. E-fax doesn’t employ any physical phone line or hardware, and you can have access to the essential documents via computer and or mobile devices.

Online faxing uses the internet and is fast paced, enabling quick, secure, and reliable communication.

Benefits of Online Faxing

  • Currently, we spend countless hours on email, computers and mobile devices making online faxing an easy-to-use method. This sends secure online faxes straight from your device to another without having to invest in another machine or even leave your desk.
  • The pricing for online faxing can also be cheaper than traditional depending on your package and volume. Many online faxing methods have a subscription that allows you to pay monthly or an amount for each fax that is sent. With traditional faxing, you constantly have to replace ink and paper where that will never be a challenge with online faxing as everything is stored on your devices.

Similarities between Traditional and Online Faxing

The biggest similarity between traditional and online faxing are that they are each a type of faxing communication. They get the information where it needs to go and are both secure methods. How they work however, is different.

No matter if your business decides to utilize traditional, online faxing or both, you are in good hands. Faxing remains one of the most secure ways to send and receive communication. It is also simple to use and quite affordable. At Lane, we have faxing software that can streamline communication, a support team that specializes in faxing and training to constantly help your team. To learn more about our solution, contact us today.

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