Partnership Spotlight: Our Fax Integration Partner, T38

Lane has a partnership with T38, an innovator in fax communication technology. This collaboration is particularly advantageous for organizations utilizing on-premise telecom systems, offering an evolved fax solution that’s both resilient and innovative. 

About T38

Founded in 2002 by fax industry veterans, T38 Fax specializes in reliable fax transmissions over telephone lines using T.38 fax-over-IP (FoIP) technology. They’ve addressed the common issue of fax quality in combined telephone and fax services by developing a robust T.38 implementation within their network. This solution ensures high-quality, dependable fax communications for businesses, combining traditional faxing methods with advanced FoIP technology.

How It Works

T38 Fax utilizes PSTN termination and origination, enabling efficient fax sending and receiving through optimized SIP trunks for exceptional reliability across WAN and LAN connections. Unlike generic SIP gateways, T38 Fax is a cloud-hosted FoIP service specifically engineered for faxing, employing the T38 protocol for its SIP interface. 

This dedication to fax-focused technology ensures greater reliability compared to multi-purpose gateways. By designing around the unique demands of fax communications, T38 Fax provides a seamless and superior faxing experience, aligning with the modern business’s need for dependable and high-quality fax services.

How Lane Customers Can Benefit From Our Partnership Integration with T38

The partnership between Lane and T38 redefines the future of faxing for our clients. Users of Dialogic SR140s, for example, can tap into T38’s infrastructure for an enhanced on-premise faxing experience. Lane’s Passport fax system component and T.38 Fax’s Power-T.38 service have long operated jointly, delivering consistent, secure, and high-quality faxing for sectors like healthcare, financial services, and enterprises. 

Offering a Variety of Advanced Fax Features

Our integration with T38 Fax goes beyond traditional fax services to offer:

  • Assistance from Lane’s World-Class Support Team.
  • Streamlined configuration setup for Dialogic SR140s, inclusive of customer-specific locations and SIP Trunks.
  • Dependable fax transmission with error correction mode for maximum efficiency.
  • Timely and error-free delivery of critical patient results and healthcare documentation.
  • High-volume fax capability effectively managed without interacting with physical telecom equipment.

Contact Lane to Learn More About Our Fax Integrations & Partnerships

This strategic alliance with T38 Fax not only enhances our commitment to delivering next-gen fax solutions but also demonstrates our dedication to fulfilling the evolving needs of our fax customers in various sectors. By integrating T38’s innovative fax technologies, we continue to ensure our clients receive unparalleled service efficiency and reliability.

Contact the Lane team today to discuss how our integration with T38 can streamline your document exchange process.

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