New Feature: Empowering Mac Users – Passport Web Client Now a Standalone App

The Lane team is dedicated to ensuring constant innovation and striving to meet the demands of our dynamic customer base. In response to numerous requests, we have developed a new solution to run our Passport web client natively on Mac without web browsers.

The enhanced Passport Client now integrates seamlessly within the Mac ecosystem, operating like any other application on your device. This means that Mac users no longer have to access the Passport web client through their browser. The Lane team can easily install the web application on your Mac device so you can begin using it right away. 

This transition brings a host of advantages without losing any of the features Passport users know and love. Now, our solution allows the users to change the application icon, and with the Activity Monitor, users have the power to supervise app usage and can even execute a Forced Quit, if necessary. Moreover, notifications pop up in the application, keeping users informed at all times.

If you use more than one web client, this can be re-linked inside of the application within the settings. Or, you can use a local host inside of your organization. Moreover, the web client secures data by disconnection when leaving the premises, ensuring compliance in your fax communications.

Contact Lane to Learn More About Lane’s Passport Client for Mac

Our user experience is our top priority, and this upgrade reflects just that. The Lane team is proud to make this leap into the future of fax messaging and simplify our user base’s everyday fax workflows. Empower your communication, safeguard your data, and ensure operational efficiency from your Mac environment. Contact our team to learn more.

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Altera Digital Health (formerly known as Allscripts) has a proven track record of developing cutting-edge technology for healthcare systems. Lane’s Passport product is leveraged as a solution for hospitals within Altera’s ecosystem to provide faxing of lab results. With this partnership, hospitals benefit from the latest in healthcare technology, delivered by a team with years of experience in providing innovative solutions.

Lane has been an authorized partner with Clinisys (previously Sunquest) for decades. Since 1979, Clinisys has been providing diagnostic informatic solutions to laboratories and healthcare organizations. They develop, design and support a comprehensive clinical information suite for over 1200 hospitals. Clinisys is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of diagnostic care for pathology laboratories worldwide.