Navigating the Future of Laboratory Technology: Lane’s Experience at the Clinisys Customer Summit

In the fast-paced realm of laboratory technology, staying ahead of the curve is imperative. This year, Lane Faxing took a significant step towards that goal by attending the Clinisys Customer Summit. The event promised a deep dive into the future of labs, focusing on environmental, health, and food laboratories. By fostering thought leadership and exploring new and existing solutions, the summit offered an unparalleled opportunity for growth and collaboration.

Lane’s participation highlighted its ongoing partnership with Clinisys. Together, they are working towards leveraging the full potential of the Clinisys Lab Systems (CLS) applications, notably their transition to the cloud. This move is seen as crucial for driving innovation and efficiency in lab operations.

3 Key Learnings from the Summit

The Clinisys Customer Summit was more than just a networking event; it was a treasure trove of insights and invaluable learnings for Lane. Here are the three key takeaways:

  1. CLS Platform Recommendation: The CLS platform’s recommendation for environmental, health, and food labs underscored its adaptability and comprehensive functionality, making it an essential tool for modern laboratories.
  2. Hands-On Lab Experience: Lane had the unique opportunity to explore the CLS labs firsthand, gaining practical insights into its capabilities. This experience emphasized the platform’s effectiveness in enhancing lab operations.
  3. Support and Training: Participation in the support and training sessions showcased Lane’s commitment to maximizing the benefits of CLS through active engagement with Clinisys’s resources.

Inspiring Keynote Speakers

The summit featured an impressive roster of keynote speakers, including Michael Simpson, Clinisys President and CEO, who shared the company’s vision of enabling healthier communities globally. Judy Morgan, Chief Compliance Officer from Pace Analytical Services, highlighted the urgent need for tighter regulations in testing procedures, stressing that the industry must catch up with global standards to ensure public safety and environmental conservation.

Conference Highlights and Action Items

Among the conference’s many attractions were:

  • The Demo Bar, where CLS functionalities were showcased.
  • A Rooftop Formal Dinner, offering not just culinary delights but also beautiful vistas.
  • Various networking opportunities, including a City Stroll and interactions with current and potential collaborators.

Lane emerged from the summit with tangible action items, most significantly securing an agreement from Unity Point to demo Fax2.0, marking a breakthrough after two years of negotiation. This milestone marks a substantial advancement in Lane’s strategic initiatives. Furthermore, arrangements were made to continue discussions with Sara Plummer at Clinisys about enhancing support models.

Lane Showcases Dedication to Innovation at the Clinisys Customer Summit

The Clinisys Customer Summit was an enlightening experience for Lane, filled with learning, networking, and strategic advancements. The insights gained and the partnerships strengthened during the event will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping Lane’s future. As technology continues to evolve, Lane’s commitment to innovation and collaboration with leaders like Clinisys ensures its preparedness to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the laboratory technology space.

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Lane has been an authorized partner with Clinisys (previously Sunquest) for decades. Since 1979, Clinisys has been providing diagnostic informatic solutions to laboratories and healthcare organizations. They develop, design and support a comprehensive clinical information suite for over 1200 hospitals. Clinisys is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of diagnostic care for pathology laboratories worldwide.