Lane Featured in Equine Industry Market Report for HorseTech

Recently, Lane has been featured in the prestigious HorseTech Conference Market Report, which recognizes emerging technological advancements in the equine industry. This accolade underscores our commitment to enhancing animal welfare and the integrity of equine management through secure and efficient communication systems. 

Our feature in the HorseTech Market Report addresses the specific challenges faced by the equine community with regard to communication. Issues such as health management, performance optimization, and the significant financial stakes involved in equine activities call for a communication platform that is robust yet sensitive to the unique demands of the sector. 

Document confidentiality is of utmost importance in the equine industry, given that sensitive documents like non-disclosure agreements are paramount to the day-to-day operation of equine businesses. Lane’s secure messaging technology targets this critical need for secure communication among trainers, veterinarians, and owners—facilitating better coordination, care, and compliance.

By upholding confidentiality and cultivating a reputation for safety, reliability, and trust with clients and stakeholders, Lane’s messaging tool plays a vital role. It offers secure, real-time communication crucial for transporting animals subject to strict compliance requirements for their travel documents.

Our technology streamlines the secure exchange of messages and documents within a centralized, user-friendly platform. The integrated system empowers professionals to collaborate while offering comprehensive tracking abilities. This tracking is advantageous for managing liability, ensuring that every communication step is verified and documented.

Lane: Providing Industry-leading Messaging Solutions to the Equine Community

As a distinguished provider of secure communication technology for the equine industry, Lane continues to innovate and provide solutions for this niche sector. Read the full HorseTech article. Get in touch with Lane today and see how our messaging tool can transform the way you communicate within your equine business. 


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Altera Digital Health (formerly known as Allscripts) has a proven track record of developing cutting-edge technology for healthcare systems. Lane’s Passport product is leveraged as a solution for hospitals within Altera’s ecosystem to provide faxing of lab results. With this partnership, hospitals benefit from the latest in healthcare technology, delivered by a team with years of experience in providing innovative solutions.

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