Lane Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Deb

In this edition of Lane’s Employee Spotlight series, we feature someone who has been with Lane for over 35 years – Deb. She has been integral to the company’s success and has witnessed numerous changes and developments. In this blog, we will get to know Deb a little better and learn about her various roles at Lane, her interests outside of work, and the changes she has seen since she began working here.

Deb’s Journey at Lane

Deb started working for LTI Technologies as an Administrative Assistant in 1988. When the company was divested in 1990, she became a “Jack of All Trades” and took on various roles, including Bookkeeper, Sales Assistant-Order Processor, Support Assistant and finally, Office Manager. In 2016, she was promoted to Administrative Manager and was responsible for running Lane’s US operations. Today, Deb still assumes many of these roles while working closely with Lane CEO, Liz Maya, and is considered her right-hand person.

Deb’s Weekly Tasks

Deb’s daily/weekly tasks are constantly changing, but her main focus is on her financial responsibilities, which include invoicing and collections. She also works closely with our clients to maintain their confidence and trust in Lane. 

Best Memory of Working at Lane

Deb has many fond memories of her time at Lane, but one that stands out is the tradition that started when the company was divested. The owner’s wife would give every employee a Hallmark Christmas ornament that epitomized the year in review. Deb has kept every ornament and decorates the Lane tree each year, continuing the tradition as it means a lot to her. 

“I look forward to making more memories with the incredible team I work with.” – Deb

Interests Outside of Work

When Deb is not working, she enjoys gardening, getting a good workout and spending time with family and friends. She also looks forward to her annual two-week summer vacation at Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains every year. And, of course, we can’t forget her love for Amazon shopping!

Changes at Lane

Since the acquisition by Dura Software, Deb has seen many changes at Lane. The company’s new CEO, Liz Maya, has brought a new passion and dedication to the business and its employees. She motivates everyone to push themselves to be their best and has brought new ideas and perspectives to the table. Deb sees a bright future for Lane under Liz’s leadership and is excited to see where the company goes from here.

A Valued Member of the Lane Team

Deb is a valued member of Lane and we’re grateful for her over 35 years of service. Her dedication and passion for what she does have helped drive Lane’s success, and she continues to inspire her colleagues daily. Her outstanding contributions to Lane make her an inspiring person to know, and we’re honored to have her on our team.

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