Lane Attends the Communication & Technology Conference

The 2023 Communication & Technology Expo brought together some of the best and brightest in the communication tech industry this past week. Held in London, this two-day expo covered everything from keynote speeches to breakout sessions. Our team had the chance to attend, and we learned a lot about what’s new in technology. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the key takeaways from the conference.

Keynote Speakers & Conference Attractions 

At the expo, attendees could access a series of insightful keynote talks from industry experts. Ross Kemp spoke on the importance of mental health and well-being in business and gave advice on starting a new venture. Ian Turfrey, CEO of Technology Transformation, discussed ways to tackle outdated legacy IT systems that can be holding businesses back. Magnus Falk, CIO Advisor to Zoom, chatted about creating an exceptional customer experience with Zoom services. 

In addition to the keynotes, attendees enjoyed various fun attractions at the expo. These included arcade games, racing simulations, and other interactive competitions, adding an element of entertainment to the day. It was enlightening to see how technology has advanced over recent years and how professionals are learning to adapt it to their businesses for tremendous success.

Who We Connected With & Key Takeaways From the Conference 

Lane learned a great deal from some very influential people in the communication technology realm. We had the pleasure of speaking with Ian Turfrey, who provided insight into connecting legacy systems with modern apps like Teams, Zoom, and Slack. Jonny De Mallet Morgan shared his knowledge of exercising the brain just as we exercise our muscles for mental health.

Lastly, Rogiros Theophanous educated us on remote working solutions and cloud-based products. With each conversation came valuable knowledge and a greater understanding of how technology shapes our lives today and into the future.

Overall, however, Lane was able to gather some valuable key takeaways. Telecom companies became interested in Fax 2.0, a new advancement of the traditional fax service that promises to help streamline and optimize customer services. Startups also showcased their creative ideas with games and interactive experiences to engage attendees. Moreover, wellness was emphasized as an essential element in communication and business that must be considered when making decisions.

Lane: Continuously Learning & Improving

At the Communication & Technology Expo, Lane had the opportunity to network with some key players in the industry, furthering our knowledge and giving us valuable insight that we can use to improve our services. We want to thank everyone we encountered there and look forward to returning next year for an equally enlightening experience.

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