Lane Announces Innovative Multithreading Feature for Fax 2.0 Solution

Lane is announcing the launch of our latest feature, Multithreading, which is available exclusively with our Fax 2.0 solution. This advanced capability allows for up to 20 individual fax jobs to be sent simultaneously over a single driver, offering unprecedented efficiency and cost savings.

Multithreading is set to transform the way businesses handle fax communications. The ability to securely send multiple fax jobs over one line not only maximizes time efficiency but also slashes costs associated with traditional line expansions. Until now, increasing fax volumes would mean additional expenditures on extra channels, downtime for installations, and the costliness of physical parts like Dialogic SR140 licenses.

However, with Lane’s Multithreading, augmenting your fax capabilities is as simple as a few clicks and a driver restart — executed on the fly with no interruptions to your business. This feature is seamlessly integrated into the etherFAX port. 

Transparency and control are key advantages of this feature. Users can monitor the handling of fax jobs in real time by accessing the audit or diagnostics log. Furthermore, comprehensive reporting gives insight into which calls are completed, their order, and precise timing.

The Multithreading feature is already available to all current Fax 2.0 customers, tailoring specifically to those with higher fax volumes. Should a customer’s faxing needs exceed the default offer of two outbound and one inbound lines, Lane collaborates with etherFax to secure additional ports, allowing even more extensive multithreading capabilities.

Contact Lane to Get Started with Multithreading

To take advantage of Multithreading through Lane’s Fax 2.0, your organization should consistently handle a large volume of faxes. Our dedicated team works closely with etherFax to facilitate the necessary approvals and configurations, ensuring your transition to increased ports and Multithreading is seamless and beneficial.

Contact Lane today to learn more and get started with Multithreading for your business communications. 

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