Key Takeaways from the DTX Conference in London

At Lane, we are always looking for ways to improve our business and better serve our customers. Earlier this month, one of our team members had the opportunity to attend the DTX Conference in London. This conference is all about digital transformation and business information technology, which are two areas that we focus on heavily at Lane.

We were able to network with other professionals in the industry and learn about new products and services while also informing others about what Lane has to offer. We came away from the conference with a lot of great insights from “industry enablers” while getting to enjoy the great attractions this conference had to offer. In this blog,  we will share with you our top takeaways from the DTX Conference in London.

The DTX Conference in London

DTX, otherwise known as the “home of digital transformation and business IT”, hosted its annual networking event last month on October 6th and 7th. Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about network infrastructure, digital culture, the cloud, cybersecurity, data analytics, as well as Unified Communications.

This conference specifically targets leaders, influencers, as well as Non-IT professionals in the business IT space. This includes C-Suite executives, directors, IT managers, solution architects, business analysts, developers, data scientists, DevOps leads, and many more in this space.

Keynote Speakers & Talking Points at the DTX Conference

There were a variety of keynote speakers at the DTX Conference in London, each with their own unique perspectives and talking points. Lane had the chance to hear from the likes of former Formula 1 race car driver from the UK, Jenson Button, as well as the Head of Workplace Wellbeing at the UK Ministry of Justice, Becky Thoseby.

Jenson Button opened the event with his speaker session being held at the main stage of the event. His session touched on issues such as stress levels interfering with performance, as well as breaking down team silos and connecting interdepartmentally for success. Those session on the other hand focused on self awareness, behavioral changes, high performers, and addressing wellbeing issues in the workplace.

What We Learned From the Companies We Connected With

We also had the opportunity to connect with a variety of different companies at DTX. Many of these companies are in the data analytics and cyber security space. This includes key industry players such as Cisco, AWS, Logitech, Zoom, HYCU, as well as many burgeoning start up companies and cyber security companies.

From these conversations, we learned how they approach their customer base when showcasing their product. In doing so, we leveraged this networking opportunity to forge connections with these companies in the hopes of doing business together in the future.

Fun Attractions at DTX London

DTX wasn’t just all business and no play. In fact, they had tons of attractions that were perfect for networking and building relationships. This includes fun and popular activities such as Tetris, Super Mario, with some companies even having a Formula 1 car simulator available for attendees to engage with.

Our Top 3 Takeaways from DTX London

When it comes to digital faxing, DTX  London was a great opportunity for Lane to network and learn from some of the best companies in the business IT space.

Here are our top 3 takeaways from this conference:

  1. People are still interested in using fax and learning more about how it can help their business.
  2. The trajectory of business technology overseas is rapidly changing, just as it is with America.
  3. This conference inspired many new business ideas and how to further break into the business technology market with digital faxing technology.

Join the Digital Transformation with Faxing

If you’re interested in attending the DTX Conference next year, we highly recommend it. This conference is a great opportunity for networking, relationship building, and learning about the latest business IT advancements. Get in touch with Lane’s team today and see how we’re putting these newly found insights into action with our digital faxing technology.

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