Inside Lane’s Experience at the HIMSS Global Health Conference

Last week, Lane had the incredible opportunity to attend the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition. This renowned conference brings together experts in health and technology worldwide to discuss cutting-edge innovations and share experiences in digital healthcare. We attended as a provider of faxing technology, eager to learn more about the industry, meet new contacts, and gain valuable insights on how our solutions can benefit healthcare organizations.

About the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition

The HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition is one of the most significant events in the health information technology industry, bringing together professionals across the global health ecosystem to tackle the most pressing challenges in healthcare. Lane attended by invitation of our valued partner, etherFAX, who is known as the backbone of our robust fax solutions.

Lane was one of the four partners etherFAX invited, and we are thrilled to have had the privilege to attend. We had the unique chance to network with industry experts, explore cutting-edge technologies and learn from influential figures in the industry. Our experience at HIMSS was eye-opening, providing valuable insights to enhance our business operations and better serve our customers in this sector. 

Gaining Invaluable Industry Insights with Our Partner, etherFAX

Lane’s experience at HIMSS was enhanced by our partnership with etherFAX, an industry leader in faxing solutions. etherFAX had engaged Lane’s help in assisting at the exhibitor booth and providing support or answering questions about the etherFAX services.

Perhaps most importantly, this collaboration enabled us to connect with potential “health centric” customers. This was made even easier, as Paul Banco, CEO of etherFAX, and the rest of the etherFAX team had a creative, inviting booth with an espresso bar and freshly baked cookies.

Presentations the Lane Team Attended 

Lane’s experience at HIMSS was genuinely insightful, particularly the presentations Paul Banco and Ken Romo gave at the Ricoh booth. It was impressive to witness their collaboration with Ricoh, resulting in a user-friendly interface for the Ricoh fi-7300NX that enables one-touch scanning and document sending to increase efficiency in many hospitals nationwide.

This development speaks to the ongoing demand for faxing solutions in healthcare, which can securely transmit sensitive health information. The Lane team recognizes the potential of these advancements and is excited about the prospects of etherFAX’s ever-expanding network.

Connecting with Key Industry Players 

The event also allowed us to meet new contacts and discuss different strategies for integrating the Lane platform into healthcare organizations. We connected with several key industry players and had many conversations on digital healthcare and where Lane’s faxing technology fits in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Lane: Constantly Up-leveling Our Network & Industry Knowledge

Attending the HIMSS Global Health Conference was a fantastic experience for the Lane team. We learned a lot about the latest technological advancements in the field and met many influential people who shared their valuable insights with us.

Although the driving skills of Chicago Uber drivers were a bit unnerving, the Lane team had a great time exploring the city and engaging with our partner, etherFAX, and their partners. We hope to remain in touch with our connections, further collaborating on projects, and continuing to learn about such a rapidly changing industry.

Lane constantly strives to up-level our network and industry expertise, and the HIMSS conference was a perfect opportunity to do just that. We can’t wait for the next one!

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