How to Improve Communication Through Fax

Though faxing is often thought of as an outdated form of communication, in many cases it is still the most efficient way to send and receive messages. In industries like healthcare and finance, faxing is essential for transmitting important information quickly and securely. In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of using fax and how it can be used to improve communication in your business.

Fax in Business Communication

Faxing technology has been in use for over 40 years and is still the most secure way to send sensitive information. You could be wondering, why not just use the internet? To start, faxing uses a different type of connection that is not vulnerable to the same types of attacks that plague the internet. That\’s not just the only advantage, though. Faxing is also used to communicate in remote areas with minimal internet coverage.

Fax communication is used in a variety of industries. Hospitals, laboratories, and banks all rely on this method due to the sensitive nature of the information they\’re sending or receiving. Hospitals will use fax communication for transmitting test results, while banks use faxing to send documents like loan agreements. They are also commonly used to send documents for legal purposes. With all the different industries that still rely on the secure nature of fax, it doesn’t appear that this technology will be going away anytime soon.

The Advantages of Fax Communication

The importance of faxing cannot be understated. But why is it better than alternative communication methods? For one, faxes can be sent and received quickly. They are also a very secure way to send information. As we mentioned before, sensitive data is far less likely to be intercepted by a hacker than it would be on the internet. Faxing can even be supported on a global scale as well, allowing for secure message transmission across the world.

Further, faxing improves communication for businesses by reducing the need for paper. Rather than printing out documents and faxing them, you can now fax documents electronically. This alternative is far more cost effective because it eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment and software, and saves on space as well.

Leveraging Fax Communication Software

Faxing technology has made some serious advancements over the years. Now, you can even communicate with fax across departments. Secure faxing communication solutions like Passport allows users to be configured by groups or departments and can be set as the only individuals allowed to view a fax sent by or to someone of that particular group or department. This feature is extremely useful when handling sensitive information that only certain individuals can have access to.

In scenarios where one is working in a hospital or lab and handling a patient\’s medical information, email itself is not a secure option. To avoid compromising sensitive patient data, faxing and email are combined to transmit this information, thereby resolving any discrepancies in communication.

Email is still a primary means of communication across virtually every industry. With integrated faxing solutions like Passport, users can utilize email to fax which will allow them to send faxes through a system that delivers information quickly and securely. This efficient process bridges the gap between the user\’s need for email communication and the recipient\’s need for secure faxing.

Secure Faxing with Passport

If you\’re looking for a secure and efficient way to communicate with your patients, clients, or employees, look no further than Lane’s Passport Solution. Its tremendous capabilities render this technology quick, easy to use, and most importantly, secure. With email to fax capabilities, you can be sure that your information will never be intercepted and used for the wrong purposes.

Contact Lane today to learn more about our Passport Solution and how it can benefit your business or healthcare facility.

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