Fax Message Tracking: Staying Ahead of All Fax Communications

In a world where information travels at lightning speed, keeping a tight grip on your communications is essential, particularly for professionals in high-stakes fields such as laboratory work or enterprise business operations. Fax message tracking becomes paramount in ensuring that every transmitted fax hits its mark.

As an application within Passport’s Personal Communications Center, Message Tracker diligently monitors the status of every fax within your system. It is invaluable for organizations seeking rigorous compliance, accuracy, and efficiency,  while shining as a favorite feature in Lane’s client case studies, showcasing its effectiveness and impact.

How Fax Message Tracking Works

Lane’s message tracker acts as a control center where every sent and received fax message is logged, timestamped, and tracked. With simply a client application installed on a computer configured to sync with Lane’s Passport fax server, users can monitor their fax activity in real-time. Once logged into the Message Tracker, they can then trace the faxes, ensure timely deliveries, or dig up archives going back up to 365 days, which is helpful when auditing or for legal purposes.

Message Trackers Notify You of Fax Delivery Status & More

Whether it’s a lab result that’s time-sensitive or a legal document with deadline constraints, knowing the status of your fax delivery holds immense value. Users rely on the Message Tracker client application to verify successful transmissions and overhaul failed ones. It serves as eyes into the faxes’ journey, giving them the ability to peek into the content of received and sent faxes.

How Lane Customers Leverage Our Fax Status Monitor

Here are real customer scenarios that emphasize the value of Lane’s Message Tracker: 

Tulsa Medical Labs & Orchard Software

For Tulsa Medical Labs, unexplained failed faxes would hinder operations and productivity. Harnessing Lane’s Message Tracker, however, they were able to gain clarity. The tool uncloaked the reasons behind failures — busy lines, timeouts, and performance dips were not just obstacles but factors they could now analyze and address.

“Lane’s Message Tracker feature offered us visibility on failed faxes and provided us with the necessary problem-solving tools.”


CompuNet, a full service clinical lab, deems the fax message tracker as integral to their client services communications. The application supports transparency, giving a granular insight into the traffic of outgoing and incoming faxes, fostering speed and efficacy in troubleshooting.

“Our favorite feature is the Message Tracker. It has proved invaluable to us, especially when communicating with clients’ services.”

Contact Lane to Take Advantage of Comprehensive Fax Messaging

Monitoring, optimizing, and securing fax communications is an ongoing challenge that requires a steadfast companion. Lane’s Message Tracker is the resource you’ve been seeking to guide all of your fax communications efficiently.

Eager to integrate Lane’s solutions into your protocol and elevate the way you manage fax communications? Contact Lane today to harness the full potential of comprehensive fax messaging backed by innovative technology and unwavering support.

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Altera Digital Health (formerly known as Allscripts) has a proven track record of developing cutting-edge technology for healthcare systems. Lane’s Passport product is leveraged as a solution for hospitals within Altera’s ecosystem to provide faxing of lab results. With this partnership, hospitals benefit from the latest in healthcare technology, delivered by a team with years of experience in providing innovative solutions.

Lane has been an authorized partner with Clinisys (previously Sunquest) for decades. Since 1979, Clinisys has been providing diagnostic informatic solutions to laboratories and healthcare organizations. They develop, design and support a comprehensive clinical information suite for over 1200 hospitals. Clinisys is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of diagnostic care for pathology laboratories worldwide.