Fax 2.0 Case Study – Henry Ford Health Systems

The Problem:

Henry Ford Health Systems approached LANE Data Solutions looking for a solution to their problem with several several points of contact, or numbers if you prefer, that they were unable to complete any type of fax to. They tried changing from a physical fax card set up to a virtual fax card set up with no success. Most of these set ups use a gateway to connect a VoIP system to traditional phone line or PSTN (Public switched telephone network).


The Solution:

LANE offered a new state-of-the-art faxing solution, FAX 2.0, to take care of the problem on a free trial period. FAX 2.0 offers a cost-effective alternative to T.38 and telephony. Leveraging the cloud for transport, FAX 2.0 provides a carrier-grade fax transport network with end-to-end encryption, ultra-fast transmission speed and support for high-resolution, color documents. Utilizing proven technology, FAX 2.0 delivers the ultimate in fax performance, security and scalability. FAX 2.0 also offered faster transmitting speeds comparing to traditional faxing.


The Results:

Henry Ford Health Systems tested troubled numbers which they had high failure rates. Within a 2 week span not only did there completion rate increase but their transmission speeds decreased from an average of 61 seconds per fax transmitted to 30 seconds per fax transmitted. This led to Henry Ford Health Systems choosing FAX 2.0 as there main faxing solution for troubled numbers.


This is an IaaS subscription which means you pay per page faxed, but at the end of the trial the solution had paid itself 10 times over from the amount of years of failed faxing. With less moving parts and offering on premise or cloud set up, FAX 2.0 is the best faxing solution ever offered by LANE Data Solutions.

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