Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Philip

Lane believes that each employee brings unique talents, perspectives, and a commitment to excellence that drives our success. To celebrate and honor the contributions of our team, we shine a spotlight on a standout employee each quarter. This quarter, we are thrilled to feature Philip, whose dedication and hard work have made a significant impact on our organization.

Philip’s Various Roles at Lane

In a small company like Lane, everyone pitches in wherever necessary. Philip’s primary role at Lane is as a software engineer. He has had the pleasure of working closely with Ray Donaldson on the entire Passport system software.

While Philip’s tasks may vary throughout the day, his core responsibility remains the same—supporting Lane in any way he can. Philip considers this adaptability a key part of his daily role.

Best Memory of Working at Lane

One of Philip’s fondest memories is from when T4 Systems was first acquired by Lane. Another company based in Sydney, Australia, was involved with the project. Philip had the unique opportunity to spend a month in Sydney learning their system, which was an exciting and professionally formative experience for him.

Philip believes that new memories are made every day at Lane, and it is difficult to choose just one standout moment. He feels blessed to be a part of the Lane group.

Interests Outside of Work

Outside of work, Philip enjoys spending time with his seven grandchildren, with an eighth on the way. He has a passion for football officiating, a hobby he has pursued for 15 years. Philip works games four nights a week during football season, including Tuesday night peewee games to Friday night high school varsity matches, with a bit of small college football mixed in.

Watching Lane Evolve Over the Years

Philip has witnessed significant changes at Lane over the years. The most notable change has been in the people he has worked with, enjoying excellent relationships and fond memories. Moreover, Lane’s addition to the Dura portfolio in 2020 has since proven to be a real blessing. Overall, Philip looks forward to starting each day because of the work he does and the people he gets to work with.

Thank you, Philip, for your dedication and commitment to Lane!

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