Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Laszlo

At Lane, we recognize good work when we see it. That’s why we’re dedicating this blog post to our support specialist, Laszlo Borbiro. Laszlo has been with Lane for over five years and has accomplished a lot during his time here. As our dedicated Software Engineer & Support Specialist, Laszlo plays an integral role on our team and provides support for our digital faxing services. This blog will highlight Laszlo’s role and the value he brings to Lane.

Laszlo’s Background

Laszlo began his work with Lane when he was employed by his school, Anglia Ruskin University, in August 2017. He started working with Lane in both their Maldon and Witham offices. Because this was such a successful working relationship, Lane hired Laszlo as a full-time employee a year after beginning work with them, and it has been smooth sailing ever since. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Laszlo has assumed a wide array of roles throughout his time at Lane including product development, building our new website, selling our solutions to the European market and serving customers with amazing support on a daily basis.

He has been responsible for developing a new product from the ground up, managing backend and frontend development, configuring databases and servers, and working with applications such as web, server-side, mobile, and desktop applications. Also, he has worked with various programming languages like JavaScript, Meteor.js, React-Native, Node.js, Electron.js, WP, C#, C++, and MongoDB to develop products that meet user expectations.

As a developer, Laszlo has managed and maintained both existing and new codebases, databases, servers (both cloud-based and local), and websites. In 2023, he will continue to help evolve Lane with development of new features and enhancements of our products. Stay tuned to see what is on our docket! 

As Lane’s Sales Representative, Laszlo attends Expos and events across Europe networking, meeting new partners and resellers to expand Lane’s footprint globally.

Laszlo’s role as a Support Specialist has him providing 24/7 support for Lane’s customers and working on product installations as needed. In addition, as a Support Specialist, Laszlo provides 24/7 support for Lane’s customers providing troubleshooting and installation support for new system installs.

Best Memory at Lane

Laszlo says his best memory of working with Lane is when he was announced as the recipient of the “Make Mom Proud” award on January 12th of this year. Laszlo is thrilled that his colleagues recommended him and states, “there’s no better feeling than being loved by your team.”

Make Mom Proud Award

The Make Mom Proud Award is a quarterly award for a selected recipient from Dura headquarters and its portfolio companies to recognize their commitment and contributions to company growth. It’s an opportunity to honor those who go above and beyond to embody the company’s core values of transparency, honesty, and humbleness. This award also serves as a reminder that hard work is highly valued, as efforts from employees like Laszlo all come together to make Dura Software the success story that it is today.

Growth at Lane

Lane has experienced various growth opportunities over the last few years, and Laszlo has been lucky enough to witness the positive transformation of the company. From expanding its product line to continuing to provide world-class support and customer service, Laszlo has seen first-hand how Lane has grown as a company.

The biggest change, however, was when Lane was acquired by Dura Software. As a result, The US, UK, and Singapore offices were conjoined. This decision proved to be entirely beneficial to the Lane team, and Laszlo states that he believes that this has been one of the best decisions that have been put in place for the Lane team.

The second biggest yet welcome change came when Lane brought on our CEO, Liz Maya. Laszlo credits her for Lane’s exponential growth and his unwavering loyalty to the Lane team. Having completely reformed Lane and improved our workplace as a whole, Liz has been a breath of fresh air to the entire team.

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