A Look Inside Event Tech, the World’s Leading Conference on Event Technology

If you’re in the events industry, Event Tech is a conference that you don’t want to miss. Held annually in London, Event Tech showcases the latest and greatest event technology for digital, in-person, and hybrid events. This year, we attended Event Tech to explore business opportunities and meet our sister company, 6Connex. While there, we were able to see some amazing new technologies that are changing the face of events. In this blog, we will discuss who we got to connect with, event highlights, as well as our key takeaways.

Learning & Networking Opportunities at Event Tech

The Event Tech conference provided us with the perfect opportunity to learn more about how event technology can help shape our business and reach new industries. We were able to connect with many different companies and create greater awareness of our integrated fax messaging solution, Fax 2.0. In doing so, we learned that many of the exhibitors wanted to find other companies to partner with, making this event the perfect environment to network.

Perhaps most exciting was the opportunity to finally meet with fellow Dura Software portfolio company, 6Connex. Not only did we get a chance to connect with our sister company, but we also had the opportunity to learn more about some very interesting companies in the event tech space, including STOVA, NOONAH, and GRAVIT8.

Keynote Speakers, Highlights, & Fun Attractions

One of the highlights of Event Tech was hearing from keynote speakers that included industry experts and event technology professionals. We enjoyed hearing about how businesses in event tech are leveraging new technologies such as the cutting-edge LiDAR (light detection and ranging) Laser scanning and digital twin technology.

Moreover, we learned from some of the best and brightest in the event tech space, including sitting in on a presentation on, “The Age of Smart Events: Creating Better Event Experiences with Data.” This insightful presentation was led by the knowledgeable Dr. James Morgan, Agnes Morgan, James Tucker, and Rob Prevett – giving us pertinent insights on how to manage big data that’s collected at events and websites.

As for the attractions at the event? Noonah had a neat mystery box where one could register and receive a code, and then submit that code into the box for a chance to win an event tech inspired goodie bag. Some companies even had Spin to Win games complete with a scannable QR code, as well as pens, calendar, and candles.

Lane’s Key Takeaways from Event Tech

When it comes to Event Tech, there’s no denying that the future of events is digital. Event technology professionals are leveraging the latest technologies to create more engaging, interactive, and immersive experiences. By attending Event Tech, we were able to learn more about these new technologies, experience them in action, and make connections with other industry professionals.

We’ve now come away from Event Tech with a newfound understanding of event tech trends and how our fax messaging solution, Fax 2.0, can help companies streamline and improve their communication processes for in-person and hybrid events. Curious to know more about how our experience at Event Tech went? Get in touch with our team today!

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