6 Benefits of Fax over Internet Protocol

6 Benefits of Fax over Internet Protocol

Fax over Internet Protocol or FoIP, is a method of sending faxes over the Internet or your wide-area network. It changes the transmission method of faxing and makes the connection between sending and receiving devices on a packet-switched network, often avoiding the long-distance phone lines of the telephone network. Additionally, this reduces the cost of transmission and is a more efficient setup for a business that already has access to Internet bandwidth or a wide-area network.

It is a common misconception that all fax transmissions from end-to-end are conducted over IP. Unless you are sending messages within the organization, this will not generally be the case. In fact, it is recommended to switch out through your PSTN gateways to deliver to the destination fax machine.

FoIP has the potential to deliver wide-ranging benefits to organizations of all sizes and in any sector or industry. If you already have an existing VoIP infrastructure, then it may be possible to utilize your existing PSTN gateways for Fax over IP. In this way, an enterprise fax solution can be built to leverage your existing infrastructure to provide these 6 benefits.

1. Combine Networks

Lower network management and maintenance costs by running voice, fax and data over a single converged network.

2. Evaluate Long Distance Fees

Lower fax costs through reduced long-distance charges and the elimination of analogue line charges. In an enterprise configuration, comprising multiple gateways to the PSTN, least cost routing provides considerable savings on long distance and international call charges.

3. Examine Locations

Provide a consistent fax service throughout the enterprise including geographically remote locations. By integrating with existing or planned VoIP solutions, an enterprise Fax over IP infrastructure may supply all of your locations with the same class of service, no matter how remote. By deploying remote software-only interfaces there is not a requirement for maintenance of hardware in countries with little or no local support.

4. Improve Management and Oversight

By deploying any type of enterprise fax server there will be marked improvement in both management and oversight. Regulatory compliance such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA and the Data Protection Act are all covered by Lane’s Passport Fax Server.

5. Analyze Integrations

Better integration of voice and data network. If you have an existing VoIP enterprise then your FoIP may further utilize your existing network and gateways.

6. Eliminate Fax Cards

A software-only solution reduces the possibility of failures and negates the necessity of local maintenance. With a software-only solution, the fax server environment may be supported on virtual servers, reducing the need for hardware and space, ultimately reducing power consumption.

The advantages of FoIP are endless for every organization. Take time to evaluate your infrastructure for faxing and see if your business can benefit from FoIP.

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