5 Ways Production Fax Delivers Competitive Advantages

Having production fax capability is a vital component in an organization\’s infrastructure. In every industry it can have a significant impact on the performance of the enterprise as a whole. Low cost, real-time delivery, receipt of business critical documents directly to and from key business applications via fax, email or the internet lowers operating costs, improves efficiency and strengthens trading relationships. In this blog, we will dive into five ways production fax delivers a competitive advantage for your company.

1. Improve Business Performance

Meeting and exceeding business performance is critical for every company and often that starts and ends with the communication process. The traditional ad-hoc mix of email, general purpose fax, and even postal service to deliver business-critical documents is just not robust enough for the modern business environment. The costs and delays inherent in manual processes, the additional hidden costs of delivery, the insecurities, the lack of management control and the inability to meet regulatory obligations combine to restrict business growth and impair profitability. Document delivery direct from desktop or back office applications via a production fax system addresses all these issues and dramatically improves business performance as a result.

2. Lowers Costs

Cost of tools, systems and overhead overall, is a key measurement across the board. A very large part of the costs associated with delivering high volume documents, such as invoices, statements and purchase orders, generated by back office systems, is incurred in printing, labor, mailing and equipment overheads. A production fax capability eliminates the need to print or mail documents and results in very rapid return on investment.

3. Meets Compliance Regulations

If an organization falls out of compliance regulations, it can cause serious issues and challenges. As regulation and legislation relating to data security and confidentiality becomes ever tighter, organizations are legally obligated to put systems in place that guarantee compliance. Accurate records, protection of data, storage and retrieval of comprehensive audit trails are virtually impossible without a centralized and controlled system. Production fax automates processes, reduces the number of paper documents in the business, enforces compliance, and provides end-to-end control including confirmation of delivery.

4. Less Manual Intervention

The production, distribution and processing of high volume documents happens faster and more efficiently with production fax. Business transactions are faster, more streamlined, and with fewer errors. By streamlining and automating communication, we can also improve efficiency, save time and increase productivity.

5. Seamless Integration of Business Applications

One of the key benefits of automating document delivery is implementing fax servers, such as Lane’s Enterprise Passport solution. These tools are exceptionally good at interfacing with a multitude of disparate applications ranging from the latest ERP and CRM solutions to entrenched legacy systems. They can do this through virtually any part of the communications infrastructure including email, fax, and SMS. Enabling applications to perform automated document delivery functions optimizes return on investment and improves management control.

Lane works with organizations throughout various industries to ensure they have a seamless and efficient communication solution. Looking to implement a faxing solution that gives you a competitive advantage? Talk to Lane today.


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