2022 TechEx Global Conference: Lane’s Event Summary

This month, Lane had the opportunity to attend the TechEx Global Conference. Held in London, this gathering of business leaders and entrepreneurs was a chance for us to network with other companies in the enterprise tech space. Our team came back inspired with new ideas, engaged in new partnerships, and better educated on how to position ourselves for success in the year ahead. In this blog post we will recap the conference highlights and share our key takeaways.

TechEx Global Background & Why Lane Chose to Attend

The TechEx Global Conference is a yearly event that gathers business leaders and tech entrepreneurs from around the world. Going on six years of running, TechEx aims to change tech strategy as we know it. With over 30,000 attendees, six co-located events, over 700 speakers and 500 exhibitors, TechEx provides a wide platform for collaboration and innovation in the tech space.

Showcasing tech innovation in the enterprise space, this conference featured real-life use cases of new technology and provided in-depth insights regarding the enterprise tech realm. Attendees had the chance to dive into topics like AI, Big Data, Edge Computing Systems, Cyber Security, Blockchain, IoT, and 5G.

Lane had the opportunity to learn from the experts on top industry insights, enabling us to explore new ideas and engage with other companies that could bring value to our business. This includes finding new potential partners, gaining insights from those in our industry, and learning more about great business opportunities for reselling and digitization services.

Speakers, Panels, & Presentations at TechEx

TechEx featured various keynote speakers, panels, and presentations during the conference. This included C-Suite executives, tech entrepreneurs, and leaders in the enterprise tech space. Here\’s a brief recap of our favorite segments:

Panel: Head Stuck in the Cloud? What You Need to Consider

This panel featured moderator Magnus Falk, CIO Advisor of Zoom, as well as speakers such as Steve McDonald, CPTO of GiffGaff; Carol Morris, Head of Public Cloud SRE, Service & Automation at Lloyds Banking Group; as well as Sean Farrington, Executive Vice President of Pluralsight. Discussions for this panel involved cloud solutions and how to manage connectivity issues.

Keynote Speaker Marc Overton

TechEx had various keynote speakers at the event, and we had the opportunity to attend a session led by Marc Overton, Managing Director Division X, of BT Group. From this event, Lane was able to gain insights in the latest technological trends that advance living in an interconnected world. This includes moving from “smart cities” to \”resilient cities.\” Overton provoked worthwhile inquiries, such as what needs to happen in order to help secure critical infrastructures like connectivity and security, as well as how collaboration across solution providers and cities can promote growth.

Presentation on Secure 5G Wireless Connectivity for Edge Compute & Industrial IoT

Lane had the opportunity to see this highly informative presentation, ran by Andy Sawyer, System Engineering Manager of Cradlepoint. This presentation involved in-depth discussion surrounding the progression and coexistence of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and 5G wireless technology. Overton went on to discuss the emerging technological trends of Edge Computing and IoT systems and what this means in terms of defining new challenges and solutions.

Networking Opportunities & Connections

Lane was given the opportunity to network with various industry peers and potential partners. In doing so, we uncovered potential partnership opportunities and gathered extremely valuable insights. We were fortunate enough to have had a chance to chat with various representatives and engineers, including a Business Development Representative and a Sr. Sales Engineers from Fastly on their highly flexible WAF product, and how we can use this product or similar ones to protect new projects.

Furthermore, we had the opportunity to connect with a Lead Data Engineer from Capgemini and learn more about how big data is processed, and how to use databases and program them. We also got to speak with a strategic account director from Apogee on how they use their software to digitize documents for companies. Lastly, we spoke with a Business Development Manager from Boxxe, a reseller of software solutions.

TechEx 2022 Takeaways

As TechEx has come to an end, there\’s no denying that it was a great opportunity for Lane. We left TechEx with amazing insights and knowledge that will help us in our journey of powering the enterprise. From industry peers, to potential partners and great conversations, TechEx was a success for Lane.

TechEx 2022 was an incredible event full of networking opportunities, informative presentations and panels, as well as engaging discussions moving forward into the next year. We look forward to TechEx 2023 and the amazing opportunities it will bring.

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